ATM Manufacturers and
Self-Service Providers

ATM manufacturers and self-service providers have embraced 3C’s technology and have partnered with us for hardware integration and also for the intelligent management software. The 3CSN enabled fleet will bring in a new wireless product offering to financial institutions clients and provide recurring revenue stream.



Banks and Independent ATM Operators

The value proposition for banks and independent ATM Deployers lies in the opportunity to considerably expand their market penetration, boost revenues and reduce their overall costs. The 3C’s BOSS management technology also enables ATM fleets to be managed from a central management point.



The establishment of firm relationships and strategic alliances has been fundamental to the success of 3C’s business model. 3C has expended great efforts in developing contacts and partnerships with various blue chip industry players. This has been firstly to validate its technology and secondly to enable it to create relationships with customers who have had a need for the 3C technology offerings.

Who we are

3C is a premier M2M financial solution expert, delivering innovative secure, reliable wireless data communications solution across the banking industry. At 3C, we ensure that customers get the right M2M solution to match business needs, on time and on budget.

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