3C specialises in the development of machine-to-machine (M2M) financial solutions for the Banking and Payments sectors.  The key solution is the 3C Secure Network (3CSN).  3CSN, is

specifically designed for the payments industry, is carrier and technology agnostic.  This is overlayed by our proprietary Business Operating Software (“BOSS”) for real-time fleet management and monitoring.  Together, this enables the secure, wireless implementation of an end-to-end communications, transaction and monitoring solution suitable for ATMs, kiosks, mobile branches and small branch offices.


The 3C Secure Network (3CSN) is the fourth generation of M2M networking. This new platform allows for the deployment of mission critical, real time applications that previously
could not work reliably.


The 3CSN solution is deployed on a dedicated network infrastructure that is not subject to high levels of congestions, this provides the best possible consistent performance.




Providing banks with their own private network




Built specifically for the financial transaction market


Giving the best wireless connectivity for each ATM connection (utilising multiple carriers in the country – providing the best carriers per site location)




The architecture is designed over multiple carrier networks to give no single point of failure, delivering the most robust and reliable communications for your fleet


3CSN provides layers of security on a private networking infrastructure


Utilizing the latest high-speed cellular services and fiber optic technology providing the highest
fleet availability


3CSN’s BOSS fleet management system delivers fleet level real-time monitoring that intelligently identifies potential problems without overwhelming the operator. Real-time alerts and stats are available when they are needed


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3C is a premier M2M financial solution expert, delivering innovative secure, reliable wireless data communications solution across the banking industry. At 3C, we ensure that customers get the right M2M solution to match business needs, on time and on budget.

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